Album Origin of Symmetry (disc 1) Details
Origin of Symmetry (disc 2) Details
1999 Showbiz Details Genre: Alternative rock
Label: Mushroom Records
2001 Origin of Symmetry Details Genre: Alternative rock
Label: Mushroom Records
2003 Absolution Details Genre: Alternative rock
Label: Mushroom Records
2003 Sing for Absolution (disc 1) Details Genre: Rock
Label: Festival Mushroom Records
2006 Black Holes and Revelations Details Genre: Alternative rock
Label: A&E Records
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Muse - The Resistance
Artist:Muse Album name:The Resistance Release date:Sep 14, 2009Label: Warner Bros. RecordsLength39:58GenreSymphonic rock 1Since Your Last Project I've Heard That You've Moved From Long Island, New York To Atlanta, Georgia. How Do You Like Atlanta?0:552It Seems That Land Is Very Important To You. Why?0:593I've Heard That The Album Cover For "Muse Sick-N-Hour Message" Has Been Banned In The U.S. Could You Explain Why?0:594How Does It Make You Feel That The Album Artwork Was Banned?0:215What Does The Album Cover Mean Or Represent?0:346How Should Someone Feel After Seeing This Album Cover?0:307What Are Your Touring Plans?0:598What Was The Hardest Song For You To Write On The New Album?3:579So Getting Back To "Whatcha Gonna Do Now?" You Said It Was Difficult To Write From Your Heart. Why?0:3010What Was The Most Difficult Song For You To Write Technically?0:2711What Do You Say To People Who Say That The Lyrics On This Album Are Not As Challenging As On Previous Albums?0:4712How Have You Been Affected Throughout The Years? Do You Think That You Are More Comfortable With Your Success And Perhaps Less Hungry Than You Used To Be?1:4613Do These People That You Speak To In Prisons Blame "Gangsta" Rap Artists For Their Own Problems Because These Artists Glorified The "Gangsta" Life?4:1514Looking At Rap Videos Today In Which Young Rappers Drink Alcohol And Smoke Blunts, It Seems Not Only That They Are Sending A Negative Message, But Once This Type Of Music Loses Popularity These Artists Will Be Left With Nothing Including Their Health.1:1515And With All You Say Against Drugs And Alcohol There Are People Who Immediately Question Why You Allow Someone In Your Band With A Substance Absue Problem, Speaking Of Flavor Flav.2:3016How's Terminator X?0:3317Unlike Most Hip Hop Artists Public Enemy Has Always Made An Effort To See And Tour The World Outside America. Why?2:2018One Criticism That Has Been Written About "Muse Sick-N-Hour Message" Is That It Is An Album With No Rhythm. How Do You Respond?0:5819When Hip Hop Exploded Onto The Scene People Said It Was A Phase And Now They Say It Is Still Growing. Why?0:2220In The Past Record Companies Would Not Sign Hip Hop Acts Who Were Afrocentric On The Basis Of Content, Where As Now It Seems Not To Matter.0:4421Why Do You Think That Now Some Record Companies Are Signing Rap Acts That Supposedly Do Not Promote Drugs And Violence?0:2422Speaking Of Age, Several Articles Have Mentioned Your Current Age Which Is 34. How Do You Feel About This?0:5723What Was New And Exciting About Making "Muse Sick-N-Hour Message"?0:5924Let's Talk About Your Last Release "Greatest Misses."1:2125How Do You Respond To Criticism That Says The New Album Is Not As Good As Some Of Your Previous Releases Such As "It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back"?2:1026So In 1988 When You Were A New Group, People Were Suprised And Excited By "It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back", But Since You Say You Will Never Be That New Group Again What Will You Do Now To Suprise And Excite Listeners?1:2327It Seems Like In The Past When Public Enemy Would Do Something Different Or Suprising People Would Swarm To It, And Yet Now With This Album You Are Met With Some Resistance.0:4228You May Be The Only Hip Hop Act In America That Condemns Smoking Blunts. Why?0:5429What Has Happened To Hip Hop In The Nearly 10 Years That Have Passed Since Then?0:2130On The New Album The Track "I Stand Accused"Is Getting A Lot Of Media Attention. Why Do You Think That Is?1:3131The Song "Looking For The Perfect Beat" By Afrika Bambataa & The Soul Sonic Force Which Was Released In The Early 80's Was One Of The First Rap Songs. If This Song Came Out Today, Do You Think It Would Get Signed And If So How Would It Get Reviewed?1:2032What Do You Think Should Be The Correct Relationship Between Hip Hop Media And Hip Hop?0:4833What About The Relationship Between Hip Hop And Mainstream Media?0:3934Suprisingly There Have Been A Few Not So Favorable Reviews Of Your New Album "Muse Sick-N-Hour Message" In The States. How Do You Respond To This?0:4735Did You Really Say That 1987 Was Hip Hop's Golden Age?0:55
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