Album Origin of Symmetry (disc 1) Details
Origin of Symmetry (disc 2) Details
1999 Showbiz Details Genre: Alternative rock
Label: Mushroom Records
2001 Origin of Symmetry Details Genre: Alternative rock
Label: Mushroom Records
2003 Absolution Details Genre: Alternative rock
Label: Mushroom Records
2003 Sing for Absolution (disc 1) Details Genre: Rock
Label: Festival Mushroom Records
2006 Black Holes and Revelations Details Genre: Alternative rock
Label: A&E Records
Live AlbumOtherSingle SidedEP7"PromoSingleCompilation albumRemixCD-ROMCompilation
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Muse - Smack!
Artist:Muse Album name:Smack! Release date:Jul 31, 2007Label: Pirate BreaksLength66:90GenreElectronic 1Knights Of Cydonia2Smack My Enya Up!
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