Album Origin of Symmetry (disc 1) Details
Origin of Symmetry (disc 2) Details
1999 Showbiz Details Genre: Alternative rock
Label: Mushroom Records
2001 Origin of Symmetry Details Genre: Alternative rock
Label: Mushroom Records
2003 Absolution Details Genre: Alternative rock
Label: Mushroom Records
2003 Sing for Absolution (disc 1) Details Genre: Rock
Label: Festival Mushroom Records
2006 Black Holes and Revelations Details Genre: Alternative rock
Label: A&E Records
Live AlbumOtherSingle SidedEP7"PromoSingleCompilation albumRemixCD-ROMCompilation
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Muse - New Born EP
Artist:Muse Album name:New Born EP Release date:Nov 30, 1998Label: Relapse RecordsLength145:21GenreRock 1Collateral Damage X 50:522Fucktoy1:303Kill Trend Suicide2:424Bubblebop Shop4:205Boredoms Cover #23:476Telly1:407Blind Leading The Blind1:408Pass Some Down1:489Vision1:2110Fisting1:1111Die Laughing3:0012Let's Go To War2:2113Zombie2:2214Homesick1:1915Everflow0:5716Dead Smart2:5917Soft Mind1:1318Dethroned Emperor4:2319It's After The End Of The World1:5820Callous0:2321Average People2:2222Black Door Mine1:3223Promise2:2524Foolish Bastard1:2125Bite The Hand2:4026Collateral Damage0:1527Let's Go To War2:3028Intro0:1629Dementia2:3030K.A.P.2:1531Choice Of A New Generation1:3132Birth Of Ignorance2:5633Stench Of Profit1:4934Walking Corpse1:1335Sympathy Kiss4:2836Pork Farm2:2437Jemenez Cricket4:8038Repeat At Length1:4039Media Blitz0:4440Fucktoy1:1841Ill-Neglect1:4442Kill Trend Suicide3:1543Cornucopia3:2144Godplayer4:2745I Killed My Family2:1946Time4:4047Denial Of Existence3:3448Hippie Cult0:4649Callous3:5250Zodiac / We Will Rock You19:3051No Sleep2:4452Hippie Cult0:5053Cybergod3:4054Cornucopia3:1855Born To Die2:1056Spare Change0:4657Machine Parts4:19
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