Album Origin of Symmetry (disc 1) Details
Origin of Symmetry (disc 2) Details
1999 Showbiz Details Genre: Alternative rock
Label: Mushroom Records
2001 Origin of Symmetry Details Genre: Alternative rock
Label: Mushroom Records
2003 Absolution Details Genre: Alternative rock
Label: Mushroom Records
2003 Sing for Absolution (disc 1) Details Genre: Rock
Label: Festival Mushroom Records
2006 Black Holes and Revelations Details Genre: Alternative rock
Label: A&E Records
Live AlbumOtherSingle SidedEP7"PromoSingleCompilation albumRemixCompilation
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Muse - This Is A Muse Demo
Artist:Muse Album name:This Is A Muse Demo Release date:Nov 30, 2003Label: Домашняя КоллекцияLength395:48GenreRock music 1Song Of The Nile8:102Sambatiki7:313Indus9:244The Snake And The Moon4:135The Lotus Eaters6:436Brendan Perry7Eye Of The Hunter (2000)8Saturday's Child4:309Voyage Of Bran5:3310Medusa6:9011Sloth3:3212I Must Have Been Blind5:7013The Captive Heart4:0014Death Will Be My Bride5:4615Archangel7:3516Various Artists17The Carnival Within (Tribute) (1998)18The Carnval Is Over5:0019Spirit4:1620Mesmerism5:0021Anywhere Out Of This World4:2122Ulysses5:1023Yulunga (Spirit Dance)5:0024The Trial3:2625Cantara4:4426The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegroove4:5027In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated3:4828I Can See Now3:3529The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegroove5:0030The Protagonist8:54311981-1998 (Box Set 3CD) CD2 (2001)32Severance3:2333The Host Of Seraphim6:1934Song Of Sophia1:2835The Arrival And The Reunion1:4136Black Sun4:5837The Promised Womb3:2638Saltarello2:3739The Song Of The Sibyl3:4640Spirit5:1041Yulunga6:5642The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegroove4:3543Sloth (KCRW Radio)2:4044Bylar (Live On Echoes)6:4245The Carnival Is Over5:4546The Spider's Stratagem6:4247The Wind That Shakes The Barley (KCRW Radio)2:3248How Fortunate The Man With None9:90491981-1998 (Box Set 3CD) CD3 (2001)50I Can See Now2:5651American Dreaming4:3052Tristan1:4853Sanvean3:4654Rakim5:3955Gloridean5:5156Don't Fade Away5:1057Nierika5:4558Oman5:4959Song Of The Sibyl4:3160Tristan1:4861Sanvean4:5062Don't Fade Away6:1263Sahara Blue (Outtakes) (1994)64Sahara Blue Out-Take 12:4365Sahara Blue Out-Take 2 (Instrumental)1:4866Saldrush (Live Track 87 Era)2:60671981-1998 (Box Set 3CD) CD1 (2001)68Frontier (Demo)3:1069Labour Of Love (Peel Session)3:5670Ocean (Peel Session)3:3871Orion (Peel Session)3:2872Threshold (Peel Session)4:1073Carnival Of Light (Peel Session)3:1874In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated4:7075De Profundis (Out Of The Depths Of Sorrow)3:5976Avatar4:3577Enigma Of The Absolute4:1578Summonig Of The Muse4:5879Anywhere Out Of The World5:8080Windfall3:3381Cantara5:5982In The Kingdom Of The Blind The One-Eyed Are Kings4:1283Bird5:0084Dead Can Dance85Toward The Within (Live) (1994)86Rakim6:2587Persian Love Song2:5688Desert Song4:2189Yulunga (Spirit Dance)7:1290Piece For Solo Flute3:3491The Wind That Shakes The Barley3:1292I Am Stretched On Your Grave4:3893I Can See Now2:5694American Dreaming4:5595Cantara5:16
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