Album 2003 Youth and Young Manhood Details Genre: Southern rock
Label: RCA
2003 Youth & Young Manhood Details Genre: Rock
Label: RCA
2007 Because of the Times Details Genre: Indie rock
Label: RCA
2008 Only By the Night Details Genre: Rock music
Label: RCA Records
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Kings of Leon Storytellers Sneak Peek: “Slow Night, So Long”
  Kings of Leon inaugurates the 15th Anniversary Season of VH1 Storytellers on Friday, but we’ve shared an exclusive ... more
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Kings of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak
Artist:Kings of Leon Album name:Aha Shake Heartbreak Release date:Nov 01, 2004Label: RCALength37:39GenreSouthern rock 1Slow Night, So Long2King Of The Rodeo3Taper Jean Girl4Pistol Of Fire5Milk6The Bucket7Soft8Razz9Day Old Blues10Four Kicks11Velvet Snow12Rememo13Where Nobody Knows
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