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Sex Machineguns

Sex Machineguns

Sex Machineguns (stylized as SEX MACHINEGUNS) is a Japanese heavy metal band formed in 1989. Their music is characterized by a heavy focus on bass as well as extremely fast guitar and bass solos. The band rides an image of being "shock rockers" by wearing crazy, exotic outfits like visual kei bands (although this image has been toned down, especially since 2003 when the long-term bassist Noisy left the band). The lyrics feature very off-beat and non-serious themes (the superior quality of Satsuma fruits in Ehime prefecture, minor annoyance in family restaurants, etc.). Casting themselves as shock rockers is not the prime selling point of their music though, as they also exhibit technical skill on their instruments.. Sex Machineguns started in 1989 as an indie group, touring live houses and clubs. Their name is intentionally similar to that of the Sex Pistols and, according to the band, "implying that [we] machineguns are more radical than [the] pistols". They gained a large fan base quickly and sold out their shows. They went on tour and spread their popularity all over Japan. Once they got back home to release their first video and live CD in spring 1997, they had developed such a fan base that the first press of the video sold out instantly, to all parts of Japan from Okinawa to Hokkaidō.. In 1998, Sex Machineguns made their commercial debut with the release of their first single on Toshiba-EMI Records: "Hanabi-la Daikaiten". The single sold out instantly, and it was decided they would go on a debut tour (which sold out in every location). Magazines began to run articles, and the "Hanabi-la Daikaiten" single sold steadily, skyrocketing the band's popularity. In September they released their first album, which was another huge hit. They went on many tours, all selling out, and topped the singles charts. As 1998 came to a close, the Sex Machineguns had topped the charts and played 62 concerts (all sold out)....
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