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Swing Kids

Swing Kids

Swing Kids were a hardcore band from San Diego California during the mid 1990s. They were closely involved with and influenced by the forerunners of the San Diego hardcore punk scene of the 1990s.. Swing Kids carried the San Diego "art hardcore" movement past the initial wave of Gravity Records bands and through to the late 1990s, releasing a 7" EP and split 10" EP along the way. Despite their importance in a relatively small scene, Swing Kids' impact both during their tenure and after their 1997 breakup was global, thanks to many independent Zines and a US/European tour. The sound they pioneered inspired bands such as The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, Refused, Orchid, Jerome's Dream and many others.. Swing Kids are also credited with the unintentional creation of the fad "Spock Rock" during the mid 1990s; largely due to many of their fans emulating Pearson's fashion sense and hair style. The name comes from Leonard Nimoy's character from the Star Trek television series & films, and more specifically his haircut....
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GENRES:   Punk rock Emo violence Hardcore Emo Experimental classical music Emo Experimental rock Screamo Hardcore punk Math rock Groove metal Art punk Thrashcore Noise rock Punk jazz SIMILAR ARTISTS:   Refused The Presidents of the United States of America Rich Kids on LSD Emanuel AFI Silverstein Soiled Doves Scary Kids Scaring Kids Sonic Youth Darkwood Dub Tim McIlrath Shake Ray Turbine Joe Trohman Circle Jerks Cast Iron Hike The Esoteric The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower Justin Beck Death by Stereo Matt Freeman Cheap Sex Releases
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