Adele sets a new record with Adele sets a new record with "21"
  LONDON (Reuters) - Multi-award winning singer Adele returned to number one in the albums chart with "21", overtaking ... more
Exclusive Video Sneak Peek: Weird Al Yankovic, “Perform This Way”
    With previous Weird Al YankoVICTIMS including Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Madonna, Nirvana, Coolio, Dire Straits, and the ... more
Canada watchdog wants review of Dire Straits ruling 
    (Reuters)Canada watchdog wants review of Dire Straits ruling (Reuters)
  Reuters - Canada's broadcast regulator has jumped into the furor surrounding a Grammy Award-winning Dire Straits ... more
Canada radio stations told to censor Dire Straits (Reuters)
  Reuters - Canadian radio station have been warned to censor the 1985 Dire Straits hit "Money for Nothing," after a ... more
Music group EMI in dire straits (AP)
  AP - Struggling music group EMI faces being taken over by its bankers after failing to clinch a deal to sell the North ... more
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Dire Straits

Dire Straits

Dire Straits were a British rock band, formed in 1977 by former journalist and teacher Mark Knopfler, initially composed of Knopfler (lead vocals and lead guitar), his younger brother David Knopfler (rhythm guitar and backing vocals), John Illsley (bass guitar and backing vocals), and Pick Withers (drums and percussion).. . ...
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