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Joe Principe

Joe Principe

Joe Principe (born November 14, 1974) is an American musician. He is the bass guitarist, backing vocalist and co-founder of the American punk rock band Rise Against. He primarily uses Fender basses, Mesa amps and cabinets, and he uses pick-playing exclusively.. With the follow-up The Sufferer & the Witness poised to sustain Rise Against’s momentum, Principe has continued his own steady improvement as a musician. Previously a busier player, Joe focused on refining his interactions with the other instruments. “I made a conscious effort to let the guitars shine and to keep the rhythm with the drums. I didn’t want to do anything too flashy.” For most of the album’s tracks, Principe extended this no-frills approach to his tone. A pick and a touch of distortion were his building blocks, with a handful of studio rigs allowing him to find the right tone for each song: “I recorded with around five different setups, so we were able to blend whatever we wanted.” However, Principe did allow himself to try something radically different on The Good Left Undone, which features a mellow break led by a layered bass-chord dirge. “Yeah,” he laughs. “That was four tracks of bass using an EBow. I imagined something where there wouldn’t be any attack from the bass—just sound. The engineer, Jason, said, ‘We’ve got to get an EBow.’ So we did.”. Though he took more of a supporting role on Sufferer & the Witness, Joe still added a tasteful selection of his trademark fills and runs. “I did more low-register bass fills this time. Usually I go to the upper octave on a fill, but this time I stayed low.” Principe credits this move to years of playing along with his favorite recordings. “I spent hours and hours sitting next to a boombox, pressing play, rewind, play, rewind, and trying to learn other peoples’ parts.” In addition to training his melodic sensibilities by ’shredding with albums by Rancid and The Descendents, he also sweated along with NOFX and thrash metal bands such as Anthrax to develop his speed and stamina....
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GENRES:   Punk rock Melodic hardcore Hardcore punk SIMILAR ARTISTS:   Gallows No Use for a Name Rise Against NOFX Bad Religion Tim McIlrath AFI Keith Morris Cast Iron Hike Dropkick Murphys Rich Kids on LSD Matt Freeman Cheap Sex Circle Jerks Crime in Stereo Refused Death by Stereo The Presidents of the United States of America Gwen Stacy Swing Kids Yellowcard Releases
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